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Therapy, first and foremost, is a way to relieve that sense of aloneness and form a collaborative, trusting relationship with someone who accepts you just as you are.

Image by Jay Castor

Individual Therapy - Adults

Life gets overwhelming at times. Individual Therapy can help folks process emotions and express feelings in a safe and nonjudgmental space. Individual Therapy allows folks to explore areas of life that have been sources of stress, anxiety, and suffering. It is also a space where folks can identify maladaptive behavior patterns and develop effective coping strategies to improve their quality of life.

Image by Mehrdad Yarahmadi

Individual Therapy - Adolescents

Individual Therapy with adolescents is a collaborative approach between the therapist, adolescent clients (and their parents/guardians). Through this process, the adolescent is provided a safe space to discuss mental health

struggles and to explore the root causes of behavioral issues. Individual Therapy with adolescents is also aimed to help adolescents understand themselves better as well as to equip them with healthy coping mechanisms and to learn how to effectively communicate and express their emotions.

Image by Ahzam Ibrahim

Faith-Based Therapy

Faith-based therapy draws from components from religion and/or spirituality while integrating with evidence based psychotherapy modalities. Folks who lean into their faith-based values, or feel connected to a religious tradition may benefit from this approach to help deepen their faith and to create meaning and purpose in their lives.

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